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I joined the MOI 21 Day prayer challenge and in those 21 days people were sharing their testimonies and I just couldn’t seem to recognize what mine was other than the obvious things – such as being given the opportunity to wake up another day.
On the last day of the challenge people were again asked to share their testimonies, and again I didn’t feel I had one. I remember Sister Adjoa saying “If you haven’t had a breakthrough or testimony in these 21 days then I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but we will pray for you” 😄 and I just stood there thinking “Seriously what’s wrong with me?”
Anyway, during the 21 days I had been praying especially for God to give me innovation & new ideas regarding my business, something that will make my company stand out.
The morning after the last prayer call I posted a very simple picture on Instagram which generated 500+ likes and 55 comments (this is something that has never happened before)! The following day I posted a video on Instagram which took me just 3 mins to make. Before I posted the video I quickly prayed & asked God for the video to be received well.
I posted this video just 7 hours ago and as I write this email 26,000 people have viewed it, 3,500 people have liked it, I have almost 1000 new followers, 150 people have commented on it and people are literally almost begging me to find out when I will be releasing the product featured in the video so that they can purchase!
I’ve realized that our prayers ARE HEARD! Ask & you shall receive. I’ve also learnt that waking up at 11:45pm everyday for 21 days has been a sacrificial act that has opened the doors for God to move in my life the way He so earnestly wants to. He is the author, the life-giver, the source & I thank Him. I also thank Sis Adjoa for her dedication in pursuing the heart of God & teaching others to do the same.

There is nothing wrong with me! I have a testimony! 😄🙌🏽

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