I learnt to pray effectively

My Testimony

The beginning of the year one of my goals was to learn how to pray effectively and not just request blessings from God. After becoming a Christian 10 years ago it was so easy to get caught up with asking God to bless me with the nice house, cars and job that I started to think there has to be more to prayer than this. I’ve often said God is not a genie that you just go to when you want something and it was this thought I began my journey studying prayer, watching sermons and reading books all about prayer, but I still felt something was missing. It was only when I joined the mantle of intercession I saw a massive difference in my prayer life and my reading of the word.

My whole perspective changed it was no longer about me, but about getting closer to God, Hearing his voice and feeling his presence and being available for Him to use me. I went through a whole year last year believing God was silent and praying was pointless. You hear it all the time God answers prayers you just have to wait etc.

It was not only until I joined the Mantle of intercession that I started hearing God more and feeling the power of His spirit. I now cannot stop reading the Word of God whereas before I could go days without picking up my bible.

Things that I was afraid to do I can now do with confidence. The teachings and the words released through this ministry has not only had an impact on my life but has enabled me to boldly share this love with others.

I struggled with sins that made me feel so unworthy to pray I felt that I was being punished, But God in His mercy poured out His Love so much that my whole desire to do things that did not please Him has gone.

My life has changed completely, I experience God’s power so much in my prayer time that it is impacting others. When I honour His word I see the rewards it has. It is something that I had not encountered until now in my 10 years being a Christian all because I made a commitment to know how to pray.

My desire now is to see everyone know the amazing and awesome nature of God. To operate in His power through The Holy Spirit and to truly worship Him for who He Is. To Him belongs all the glory & honour because He deserves it.



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