I was healed from heavy bleeding

I was lost with what was happening to my body. For 5 months I was bleeding from my womb every 2 weeks. It was extremely heavy and started to create a ripple affect of other issues. As a married woman, it was also very disturbing and affected my physical relations with my husband too. I went to the doctors who signed me up for a scan suggesting the worst. It’s quite embarrassing to talk about so initially I was hesitant to ask for prayers. God put strongly in my heart to open up to Minister Adjoa. I called her and instantly felt a relief and peace over the situation. With tears in my eyes she began to pray with me. No exaggeration, that moment my bleeding began to reduce. By the next 2 days, I was no longer bleeding and my body cycle went back to normal. It has been normal now for going on 3 months! Praise the living God!

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