My mum was healed

Since January 2019, my mum was having severe pains in her knee to her hips. It was so excruciating that anytime the pain came, she wouldn’t be able to move. This meant even on the roadside, she’d cry in pain unable to get home. She was also unable to bend as it often triggered the pain.

I shared my mums issues with Minister Adjoa and she began including my mum (and also mother in law whom were believing will experience the healing power of God soon) in most of the prayers.

During the 21 day prayer challenge, i attended a wedding with my family including my mum. My mum was on the dance floor, and up from her seat for about an hour non stop! I couldn’t believe my eyes although I noticed she had stopped calling me about her pains for about a week. I asked her the next day how was her knee and hips and she said ‘God has healed me, I haven’t felt the pain for a while now, he’s given me a miracle!’ Instantly I knew the prayers from MOI ministry had been effective! Praise the Lord!


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