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I was searching and I found: Little did I know, when God moves, He makes it known. (Part 1)

FROM PRAYING OCCASIONALLY TO PRAYING LIKE WARRIORS ON A DAILY: My husband and I were keen to know the truth about life. We were both raised Christian and our mums did their best taking us to church every Sunday and praying with us before we go to bed. The Christian religion was well installed in us, but yet we felt we were missing out on some knowledge. As we seeked to know more about the God of the Christians, we found some answers – we moved church; we found more answers – we changed approach. As we continued to explore our faith, it seemed that we were growing in instability instead of being anchored.

Fast forward to our discovering this ministry, everything began o make sense. We quickly learnt about the power of the Holy Spirit, we learnt that revelation comes from God not man (although God will use man). We learnt that the Bible is the starting place – we only read this at church or during RE lessons. We learnt how to pray, why to pray, when to pray, what to pray – we were simply accelerated in the spirit of God. As our prayer life increased, so did our blessings.

1 month into attending the Bible study classes, I was given a great opportunity only afforded to well established people within my industry which I was not one. A couple of months in, my husband landed a job in the top company for his industry. This saw his salary increase by 40%. He was then fast tracked into a more senior position within 4 weeks of working. I began to see mighty breakthroughs in my work place. I went from being unrecognised in my place of work, to being propelled to the forefront of the organisation. I was selected to be a part of the 2nd most important board within the organisation, I signed the most lucrative partnership the department had ever had and was then promoted to a position of great influence within the organisation. I did not plant myself in the MOI ministry to gain blessings in the natural, but as we continued to increase in the supernatural realm, it automatically reflected itself in the world around us.

But the break throughs did not stop, my family began to increase in the spirit in a way that was unimaginable. Most astonishingly, was the beginning of the healing process of my 2 uncles who had been suffering from mental illness for over 2 decades! ….(continue with part 2 to hear how God moved in their lives after I revealed their sickness to a team of MOI intercessors).

I could go on and on, to talk about my internal deliverance, increased peace of mind, supernatural levels of pure joy, but I’m afraid it will take up this entire page. What I will say is, I urge you to try God. Try the living God who created all things. I am seeing through The MOI ministry that prayer is the missing key to experiencing God’s kingdom on Earth. Prayer is the missing key to not just unbelievers but to Christians everywhere. It’s as simple as, opening our mouths to declare the word of God over our lives for us to all experience God’s power in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Change your story through prayer!



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